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Zeta Jones Dee, ww’11

Zeta Jones Dee, ww'11 Click on the photo

Welcome to the
FIFe Burmilla Breed Council

The purpose of this web site is to:

  • "inform" Burmilla breeders and owners about the activities of the FIFe Burmilla Breed Council and news to do with the FIFe Burmilla
  • "help" all FIFe Burmilla breeders to keep in touch with the members of the official Burmilla Breed Council.
We are all passionate about the Burmilla and hope you will join us in doing everything possible to promote and protect this exceptional breed. We hope you enjoy the web site and find it useful and informative.

Best wishes,

Annika Lissjos





Annika Lissjos

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 Eivor Raehorn

Eivor Rasehorn

Eivar Rosehorn

Eivor Rassehorn

Eivor Rasehorn

Annika Lissjos

Click on the photo's

Annika Lissjos

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